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Specifications & Sizes

SIZE HEIGHT WEIGHT SWL(Closed/Full Extention)
Rhino Prop™ No.0 1050mm-1830mm 12.1kg 31.3kN / 17.2kN
Rhino Prop™ No.1 1600mm-2800mm 16.3kg 30.1kN / 13.3kN
Rhino Prop™ No.2 1960mm-3400mm 18.9kg 24.7kN / 9.3kN
Rhino Prop™ No.3 2170mm-3940mm 21.0kg 23.8kN / 7.7kN
Rhino Prop™ No.4 3115mm-4735mm 28.8kg TBA

1) Refer to AS3610 for acceptable criteria for installation of props and eccentricity of loading.
2) Every effort has been made to give appropriate guidelines for the use of this product, however, Rhino Props™ accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage suffered by any person acting or refraining from action as a result of this information.

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