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Acrow Prop Installation Guide

Installing acrow props is an easy task, even the apprentice who forgets the coffee order can erect one. Just make sure you use common sense, don't overload the props and use safety equipment when applicable.

If it looks or feels unsafe, stop and reassess the situation.

Installing Acrow Props

- Place a sole plate onto even structural ground.
- Where this cannot be achieved span sole plates (planks) across structural members (ie floor joist) to distribute the load.
- Place acrow prop onto sole plate.
- Extend acrow prop just shy of disered height and insert pin.
- Tighten until acrow prop touches ceiling, make sure prop is plumb (within 25mm).
- Fix 2-4 nails in top and bottom plates of acrow props. Bend the nails over to avoid movement of the prop.

Removing Acrow Props

- Remove nails using claw hammer or nips.
- Lower the acrow prop using the two handles until tension is lost.
- Lift top half of acrow prop using one hand and remove the pin, clip pin back to eyelet on side of prop.
- Slowly lower the acrow prop until fully closed. While lowering the acrow prop always maintain a tight grip onto the top half of the prop to ensure safety of hands.

When using acrow props always have a Work Safe Method Statement (WSMS) on the work site.

1)Every effort has been made to give appropriate guidelines for the use of this product, however, Rhino Props™ accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage suffered by any person acting or refraining from action as a result of this information.
2)Refer to AS3610 for acceptable criteria for installation of props and eccentricity of loading.

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