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Acrow Props Tasmania

23 FEB 2019

Rhino Props is catering to the needs of the construction and engineering industry in Tasmania. We are supplying high-quality adjustable acrow props. The props are delivered in any location as and when ordered. We are a renowned name in the industry for reliable and affordable acrow props and acrow prop accessories.

Acrow props are used for creating time-being support at the construction sites. The props are also used for transferring load. The construction props are supporting concrete formwork and overhead structures. Processes like removing and repairing walls, windows, and doors need props. The props we supply are simple to carry and transport. They are fully adjustable for a different range of heights.

Buy Right Prop for Construction

The requirement of the props varies according to the type and size of the job. Rhino Props owns many years of rich industry experience. With us, customers get the right size of prop complying with the specifications. Choosing the right prop is extremely important for the efficiency of the project. While we give all necessary support and guidance, here are some of the factors to choose the right props.

1. Propping Height
2. Load the prop will be supporting

Apart from the above factors, check you will be using props for additional supports. We offer props for sale at competitive pricing for prompt dispatch. Rhino Props also offers prop accessories required for additional formwork supports during construction.

Why Choose Rhino Props

Rhino Props is fulfilling the need for high-quality acrow props in Australia across many locations. We are a reliable prop and prop accessory suppliers in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Tasmania, and Sydney. Our highly experienced team of professional managers and engineers ensures the timely supply of scaffolding products.

Rhino props are known for unprecedented quality and longer shelf life. Some of the best features of our products will self-explain why Rhino Prop is the right place for props.

• Long lasting material
• Clearly colour coded to size
• Gives seamless erection without tangling
• Safe for your hands while handling
• Easily adjustable to various heights
• Gives excellent tightening against the wall
• Premium quality and firm support
• Competitive pricing and payment terms
• Excellent customer service with expert advice

Highly Adjustable Steel Props in Australia

Rhino Props is a Sydney based company supplying props to various locations including Tasmania. We have a strong association and rapport with the manufacturers; we provide the props at competitive rates. Our team is quick to understand the needs of the clients. Understanding the practicalities of the installation, we provide guidelines for use.

We are a preferred supply partner for high-quality affordable props in Tasmania. Our clients in Australia are many. We are supplying props to –

• Small Residential projects
• Hire companies
• Large commercial projects
• Residential Builders
• Infrastructure companies
• Industrial projects

The props are easy to maintain and transport due to lightweight and convenient design. Cleaning is not required at the end of every job. The operators will not be struggling with the tangled and jammed threads.

Our products boast of impressive performance and quality. The high quality galvanised steel props are anti-abrasive and non-corrosive. The products are manufactured as per ISO 9001 standards and pass AS-3610 1995 Australian Standards.