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Acrow Props Adelaide

23 FEB 2019

If you are looking for premium quality affordable acrow props, call Rhino Props. We are a leading supplier of scaffolding products in Adelaide. The formworks for construction site are readily available with us for immediate delivery. Having a strong association with top manufacturers of props, we stand guarantee for excellent performance and longer shelf life.

The days of timber props have gone long back. The steel props have revolutionised the infrastructure industry. A permanent solution for temporary support has improved the building process. The overhead loads during the building process are given vertical support using the props. The product is widely used in Australia, the UK, and other countries.

Adjustable Acrow Prop Products

Rhino Props is supplying scaffolding products to all across Adelaide. We use efficient logistics and packing for safe delivery. The strong steel props offer firm support as well as anti-corrosive products. Earlier the wooden props were used for support. However users had to cut them off every time to adjust them for different heights.

The modern adjustable steel props eliminated the hassles of adjustment. The large screw thread allows tightening of the tubes to different heights. While the timber props were used only for one job, the steel props give excellent performance for several jobs.

As a leading stockist of scaffolding products or formworks, Rhino Props is able to handle volume requirements. Props of various sizes are available for prompt delivery in many locations of Australia.

Uses of Acrow Formwork

Acrow props are used in scaffolding as well for the direct support to the beams. The props are used as formwork and temporary support for following construction jobs.

1. While drilling a hole in a wall to create doorway or archway
2. While removing a wall
3. Used as false work support for the beams
4. As for raking shores during construction of columns, stairs, and walls
5. Temporary support during repair works for wall ties, windows, lintels, canopies, doors, and beams

Apart from the vertical and horizontal base, the props can be added with the other products. They are also used in combination with other support products.

Props in Combination with other Products

The props are mainly used in combination with below products to produce additional support.

1. Heavy timber beams
2. Forkheads
3. Bracing couplers
4. Strongboy brackets

Acrow tubular props give support to the heavy timber needles. Products like forkheads and couplers are used to fix angle to enable props to give support to scaffold structures.

The main benefit of the acrow props is their light weight. It makes them easily transportable and users can handle without any hassles.

Call Rhino Props to get the best quality props and other scaffolding products for temporary support. Our experts will guide you to buy the right size as per your needs. The height of the products ranges from 1050 mm to 4735 mm. Apart from acrow props for sale, we also offer acrow prop accessories. Our large stock of every different size makes us the most preferred choice for our customers. Rhino Props are featured with new innovative designs and sturdy quality.