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The Rhino Props Story

The Company

Rhino Props™ is a small, highly talented company that started early 2013 when Anthony Drinkwater and Steve Tonkin teamed up with Jassi Singh.

Rhino Props™ lends its success to the direct relationship we share with our manufacture in India which allows us to provide exceptional products at competitive price, source out quality materials direct from suppliers and create new designs for future products.

Although a new company we have received an amazing response to our prop selling out of stock in the first month our product arrived in Sydney.

The People of Rhino Props™

Jassi Singh
(Manufacturing) is a mechanical engineer and has an in depth knowledge of ASM having grown up in the factory helping his father manufacture products. Having gone to the factory in his teens, Jassi learnt the machines, manufactured products and got to know the staff personally and still stays in contact with them today.
Tony Drinkwater
(Sales Manager)
grew up watching his father manage Eastland Economy Homes, one of the largest building companies in Coffs Harbour. Unfortunately his father passed away in 1987, but is still the driving force behind the Rhino Props company and mentality. Anthony went on to become a boat builder working for McConaghy Boats, North Shore Yachts and gained sales experience as a timber salesman.
Steve Tonkin
is a carpenter by trade, working on high-end properties in the Northern Beaches, Sydney. Steve's background however, was originally in Web Development. Having managed a business in Brookvale for several years before moving over to carpentry, he has an in depth knowledge in creating a brand and marketing companies to achieve success.

The Manufacturer

Rhino Props are manufactured in India by ASM which is owned by Jassi Signh's father. ASM began in 1976, manufacturing tractor shafts then moved into the manufacturing of hand tools. In 1998 ASM began manufacturing construction props and scaffolding components for distribution in India and Europe.

Our care does not stop at the products but extends to the employees that make the products. The factory in India strives for a safe and happy working environment. ASM is a family environment where a handful of staff began working with the company when it started at the back of a garage, in 1967.